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January 10, 1960 WOR Show Amos and Andy - George Ade
January 17, 1960 WOR Show Sunday night show
January 31, 1960 WOR Show Uncle Carl's Inner Tube
March 5, 1960 WOR Show Social Commentary
March 6, 1960 WOR Show Doppler, Hell Bound Train
March 12, 1960 WOR Show Head Thumping
March 19, 1960 WOR Show Packing For Europe - Passion
March 20, 1960 WOR Show Life cycle of common man
March 20, 1960 WOR Show Standoff in the snow - Nemerov - Travel
March 26, 1960 WOR Show Blowing Bubbles, Solar System & Rest Rooms, Second Feature, Milky Way, Boy Scouts, Radio Around the World
April 2, 1960 WOR Show Swiss Fondu (Partial Show)
April 2, 1960 WOR Show Return From Europe
April 9, 1960 WOR Show Coney Island, Automatic Pitcher, German Winter, Rubber Stamps, Nearsighted in Style, False Teeth
April 10, 1960 WOR Show Writers Block - Expandng Universe
April 16, 1960 WOR Show Locked out of station, Nasty Aunt Teresa Molding Jello and lives, Japanese Cameras, Neon Price War
June 4, 1960 WOR Show Late Late Late Show, Snake Chokin' Day, Night People, Chicago Bug House, Sins, Golf, Fishing
June 11, 1960 WOR Show Whoopee Cab, Air Raid Shelters, Jones Beach, Ex-People, The Loop.
June 18, 1960 WOR Show Wet Blankets, Protest Marches, Machine People, White Sox Scoreboard
June 20, 1960 WOR Show Boxing - Patterson Vs. Johansen w/Howard Cosell
June 25, 1960 WOR Show Generation Gap and the Beats, Human Ant Hill, Dance Marathon, Fishing For Bullheads on Golf Course
June 1960 WOR Show We salute you comrades
July 2, 1960 WOR Show Living in the Future; Normal Living - Peace or War?; Wallace Beery & Old Movies; Rain on 6th Avenue; Cab Ride; Riding Busses
July 3, 1960 WOR Show Juno Alaska Radio Offer; H.K. Grubbage news; Slang Dictionary; Dillinger as Crime Hero; $25 Ice Cream Sundae Business Luncheon; Wondrous Willie and Lost Daredevils
July 4, 1960 WOR Show NO TITLE
July 9, 1960 WOR Show Party Conventions and Crowds; Riots; Yankee Go Home; The Lost Art of Radio Acting; Hitler & Evangelist Speakers; The Nervous Sixties; Sun God; Gin and Watermelon
July 10, 1960 WOR Show Part 1 - Chain on the Door, Talking of Trifles, Who's in Charge of the Store, Man vs. Machine Also: April 02, 1960 - last 8 minutes only
July 10, 1960 WOR Show Part 2 - Mom's Cookie Cutters; NY Times Calls Shep for Help; Ford Pitches to Weak Hitter; Chinese Water Torture; Fu Manchu for President; Lifetime Credit Card; Phoney Old Moon
July 23, 1960 WOR Show Patsies of the World; Eagle and Cocker Spaniel; Built-In Obsolescence (Memory); Obsolete People - Used Presidents; Living in a Cartoon; Embattled Mankind (Starlings arrive in Queens); The Lone Ranger - Hiyo Silver!
July 30, 1960 WOR Show Tropical Storm and Alligators in the Sewer
July 31, 1960 WOR Show Listen Baby - "Have some clams"; Emotional Appeal; Og and Charlie - The Great Turning Point; Poem: Changeling Blood; Man Laughs at Tragedy and has a Flat Tire; The Sales Presentation; Ike and the Congo Situation
August 7, 1960 WOR Show Listen Baby - "I'm not arguing with you, just involved"; Flying with the Wings Up; NY Scavenging; Cybernetics; Used Thursday - A Rerun; Visiting Library as a Boy
August 14, 1960 WOR Show The Importance of Being Important, Radio/TV, Story of Guy Grand, Maris Gets a Single, Mr Chips
August 14, 1960 WOR Show Jean Retires as Mr Chips, Fertilizer, Beauty Mark, Locked in Closet, Death Flute, Animal Stories
August 21, 1960 WOR Show Mystery of woman
August 27, 1960 WOR Show Life of Riley -Who's Riley?, Salami, Milk and Jam, Admen become their own heroes, Shep and Nehru Get Tickets
August 28, 1960 WOR Show Red Button: Do Not Press, Canned Laughter, Chewing the Fat, Rowboat of Life
September 3, 1960 WOR Show The Moment of Lucidity; Circus of Life; MONY Sign; Remembering overnight shows from NJ transmitter; Making first purchase at new Paperbook Gallery (300 copies of "I Libertine" found!); more
September 4, 1960 WOR Show Sunday Night Segment
September 10, 1960 WOR Show Fidel, Ike, and Shep's Trip to Guantanamo Bay Radio; "Six o' One, Half Dozen of the Other"; First-Name Basis and The Unloved American; Turnpikeism; newsbreak - Kruschev Visits UN.
September 11, 1960 WOR Show More on Guantanamo Bay Visit, Riffling over Jazz (A "Listen Baby" segment?); Air Conditioned Graves; Fu Manchu reading; Flier Reminisces with Shep about old shows; Fall Haiku
September 18, 1960 WOR Show A to Z in one Step; Sullivan Introduces Hemingway; Deceptionville - Old Cats, Young Chicks; Dictator Convention (Kruschev and Tito hit NYC); What Not to Name the Baby; Water Polo Mayhem; Statues and Effigies
December 18, 1960 WOR Show Martin J. Newmark Interview
December 31, 1960 WOR Show Is Shep Dead?
Summer 1960 WOR Show Grandmother on porch
1960 WOR Show Chewing Tobacco
1960 WOR Show JG the Ape
1960or 1961 WOR Show Dating Girl from Morristown
1960 WOR Show Technicolor