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Last Update: 12-26-2015
Last Update: 12-26-2015

In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash

Relax, gang, this isn't a novel after all. Or at least not a Novel novel, modern marriage in crisis of sexual identity, or ruthless power struggles at WOR, or the world as seen through the eyes of a cow, or a disturbing parable set on the borderline between religious ecstasy and sexual perversion. It's just old Shep (as those who've listened will understand, the familiarity is much less affected than "Shepherd" would be, but I remember the annoyance of hearing "Ike" all through the '50s and apologize to those who object) - It's just old Shep telling a series of loosely related stories, each close to 45 minutes long, about childhood back in northern Indiana. (There's a series of linking chapters, each a page or two long, but you don't have to bother reading them - he didn't bother writing them.)

Copyright: 1966 Village Voice