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Generation Gap and the Beats, Human Ant Hill, Dance Marathon, Fishing For Bullheads on Golf Course
Airdate: Saturday - June 25, 1960

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Part 1 Shep talks about Le Mans car racing, the rules that apply and the general racing atmosphere involved with the Grand Prix and about the 'standing start' of the Le Mans. He talks about going to the airplane races, watching makeshift aircraft being flown 50 to 75 feet in the air going 200 to 250 mph. Shep explains 'barnstorming' and how the name came to be. Flyers who were always seen at these shows were the likes of Jimmy Doolittle and Roscoe Turner. Part 2 The whole structure of mankind is like we're living in a vast anthill. He describes Mr. Bruner next door and how he works one day a year and celebrates it at Flick's Tavern. He once rode his bike 20 miles to see one of the Howard brothers. Driving as a family to watch two guys breaking the endurance record. Marathon Dancing. The M.C. was Red Skelton. Dolphins and how they went from land to sea... 'they are ahead of all of us'. References are made to Vic and Sade, the characters and he quotes some of the expressions used on that show.
After the commercial breaks, Shep describes his mother standing in the Kitchen in her Rump Sprung Chenille bathrobe with the dried egg. Shep makes reference to Leigh in this show
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Engineer and Staff in Booth
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By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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