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The Dago Bomb
Airdate: Saturday - July 3, 1965

Limelight Show

The war against mosquitoes. The old man hunting them down in the bedroom. Working at the old man's fireworks stand and his fantastic display of fireworks on the 4th of July. Mr. Bruner, who used to work the extra board at the RR yard, and the Dago Bomb. This is a early rendition of what ultimately became the movie "Great American Fourth of July..." In later versions it was Ludlow Kissel instead of Mr. Bruner. In this Army story Shep tells about getting picked up hitchhiking by a lady who during the ride asks Shep about the Army. After putting it all down and saying how the commanding general was a jerk, she pulls right onto the base and receives all kinds of salutes. She was the base commander's wife. She asks Shep his name and Shep says "Gasser, Herbert L" and takes off. 10 minutes later Gasser is being parachuted over Germany. Casual company - another army story about being assigned to lead a detail of men to go to the General's house to clean the Basement and cut grass.
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Engineer and others in Booth
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Summary By
Jim Clavin
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