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Literary Convention of Mothers as Monsters
Airdate: Tuesday - August 18, 1964

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Listen, I don't know whether or not we should approach this head on . . .
Show Description
Anti-mother books, "Mother as Monster" "The mother monster is almost totally the product of Eastern writing circles" The mother as a giant protecting envelope who is attempting at all points to control and to mold and to create almost an entire image of the child, the family, the entire unit. Farkas and 19 cronies in pursuit, Shep's mother just says - "Fight your own battle" Life is different throughout the country. We like to believe that what we read in McCall's or the New York Times is happening all over the country. A friend from the Midwest comes East to work in a high school, after 3 weeks is distraught. The parents are calling him asking why 'Johnnie' looks unhappy. The students are completely different, they don't have a clue about the subjects they are learning. Ethics and views of modern day writers. Book reviews written in two different parts of the country are diametrically opposed in their conclusions about a book. "In the pursuit of truth, you better be careful to recognize that your truth is your truth."
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Ballantine Beer
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Engineer and Staff in Booth
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By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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