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Opening Day of Duck Hunting Season - Snipe Hunting
Airdate: Fall 1967

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
How's that for a role reversal gang. . .
Show Description
Opening day of duck hunting season Snipe hunting
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Max Schmid - - ] Shep refers to a new Streisand release featuring Stout Hearted Men - It was released in 1967. Pro Football will soon be a year-round season! Larry Lundino(?) recorded opening day for Duck Hunting in New Jersey. Miller High Life beer ad. Limelight plug 10:30 to midnight. Sat night LL parties in the basement in NJ. Gets Indiana hunting license at 16. Hunting snipes at 16 with Zudock, Gertz, Brunner, Sherbie. Beer is so good at 4am. Gertz tells dirty jokes. A duck falls out of the sky, they take it and all get busted for hunting without a license. George (Beegee) & Delbert Bumpus take Shep Snipe Hunting. "You can only catch them at night." Shep whistles "Dixie' until dawn! He realizes he has been hoaxed.


Speaking of sittting ducks, this is WOR
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Miller Beer
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