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Show Summary

False Spring
Airdate: January 1961

WOR Show
Original Airing

Show Description
Shep talks about the coming of age in this show. He talks about how girls seem to be different. Stealing copies of "Spicy Detective" and "Spicy Westerns", hiding them in the ice box in the basement. Suddenly they disappear! Esther Jane Alberry and Eileen Ackers have an effect on him. Just passing their houses, he breaks into a cold sweat. His mother remarks to him, "You're beginning to feel your oats?" She tells him his father should have a talk with him. Unsightly skin problems. An ad says Fleishman's yeast will clear it up. So he goes down to Mattingly's grocery store to buy a cake. Mattingly chuckles and asks if he's having skin problems. The old ladies in the store look at him. Mattingly knows his mother doesn't bake bread, she's been a Silvercup lady from way back. The yeast doesn't work, the old man says nothing and puberty churns on.
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: David Goldin - - ] The Jean Shepherd Show. 1961. WOR, New York City. Sustaining, Grand Union spot (follows the show). Wow! What a night! It's "False Spring." The traffic signal didn't say, "Walk," it said, "Swing!" "The whole world is breaking out in an unconscious cold sweat." Spring madness is among us! Alistair Cooke is so square, he's a polyhedron. Shep tries Fleischmann's Yeast. Great Shepherd.


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By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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