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Owls and Penguins
Airdate: Friday - July 28, 1972

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Computer dating service for Dogs Audio test of two Jew's Harps Sheik of Araby with Jew's Harp accompaniment Psychological effect of harmonics upon listeners as observed by audiologists - positive and negative effects of various musical instruments Sheik of Araby - singing and kazoo Lunchroom at Copeland, Florida in middle of Everglades wilderness - turtle steak, turnip greens, okra, corn bread, and Jim Beam green label with Merle Haggert music two for a quarter. Distinction between Traveler and Tourist Hissing sound from owls in tree above car in parking lot - emotional response. Lady in Everglades whose husband built her a fireplace because she "always wanted to sit in front of a fire in a fireplace". James Thurber - "You release 5000 pigeons in Yankee Stadium - you get no excitement at all. Release 6 owls and you got a riot." Penguins as mysterious birds Experiences with a rented penguin for a TV show
The image of the Everglades lunchroom stays with you. LT
New York Jets
None Listed
Engineer and others in Booth
By: Lowell Thelin
Date: -
Rating: 4
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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