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Airdate: March 1972

WOR Show

Show Description
There are certain towns people have an attitude towards even if they have never been there. In the case of Brooklyn some people are amused. Brooklyn was in the background of old movies and radio shows. "Newstalgia" - picture magazine by Bob Richmond. Brooklyn WAS the Dodgers. Most people don't know how the name Dodgers came to be. Brooklyn was a city of trolley cars criss crossing the town and to get to the ball park people were constantly dodging the trolleys and became known as the trolley dodges. How Brooklyn got its name - Breuckelem, then Brookland, and finally Brooklyn. Shep discusses the history of Brooklyn and the surrounding area referring to the "Newstalgia" magazine and drawing from some Army memories. Going to the Dodgers / Giants game
WOR has spent the whole day broadcasting about Brooklyn
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Shep - Live Appearance
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 07-10-2005
Rating: Not Rated
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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