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Washington's Birthday, Colonial History, French 75
Airdate: Monday - February 21, 1972

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Show Description
Refers to Limelight show where everyone sings happy birthday to George Washington. Shep spends the show discussing Washington and the time period. He talks about Washington's teeth and uniform which are in the Smithsonian and his rank. Revolutions vs Rebellions - The Boston Tea Party Washington drank Madera wine which leads to a discussion of what the troops drank at the time and famous drinks of the military. The "Artillary Punch" of the Revolutionary War, the "Stonewall" from the Civil War, and the "French 75" from WW-I. The Stonewall consisted of a jigger of bourbon in a glass filled with apple cider.
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By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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