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Flying Quaker Airplane Model
Airdate: Wednesday - December 15, 1971

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I have a letter here from a listener type. . . 
Show Description
Shep talks about his annual urge to build a model airplane. Building planes is a guy thing. He's never seen a girl interested in building model planes. Boys vs. Girls - Romanticism vs. Sentimentalism. The first plane he built was a "Stinson Reliant" which his mother broke "a little bit" when she dusted the room. (Remember the Leg Lamp and how it was broken in A Christmas Story?) Aerial Photography - kids send a camera up 1,000 feet attached to a balloon to take pictures and the string breaks. Shep and Schwartz build a model of the "Flying Quaker" in the basement. They buy it for $15 after the prices was reduced from $21, and work together in Shep's basement assembling it. Finally it is ready, and they bring it outside, run a few tests of the engine, and then get ready for the maiden flight. The plane takes off and climbs to about 1,000 feet in a spiraling left turn. Suddenly it straightens out and takes off, climbing even higher. Everyone jumps into the car and they chase the plane down highway 41, through fields and used car lots, only to watch it fade off into the sunset never to be seen again.
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Engineer and others in Booth
By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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