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May 5th in Shep History

1966 Radio Go See the Chaplain / Emde's Folly

1967 Radio Jean Shepherd

1968 Live Shows Plainfield Library

1972 Radio Trivia, Salesmen and Gags

1975 Radio Job in Gas Station

1976 Radio Old Ads From 1939 Fortune Magazine.

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February 5 2015

Admiral of the Orange Seas
Shep used to sing a Nedicks jingle from time to time and there was an actual contest held by WOR (Shep) and Nedicks. The winner was Barry Buhler - the "Bayside Baron" and was presented his award at the Nidicks near Times Square.
January 16, 2015

Wanda Hickey booksigning
Morristown NJ
Dave Somers sent in copies of his autographed copy of Wanda Hickey and the article from the local paper. Shep dedicated the signing to his mom, Pat, for her birthday.
  More on the booksigning. . .
December 18, 2014

A Christmas Story
Cinefix - 8 Bit Cinema
Cinefix answers the question: What if 'A Christmas Story' was an 8-bit video game?
>>> Watch it here . . . <<<
November 23, 2014

"Channel Cat in the Middle Distance"
Long lost documentary
Back in 1966, when Jonathan Sanger was a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School of Communications, he made a film with his classmate Al Tedesco, called Channel Cat in the Middle Distance. Thanks to Jonathan who preserved the 16mm film and has since digitized it, we are able to see some very rare footage of Shep at work and play.
  More on the documentary. . .
October 31, 2014

A Major Award!
Shep received a "Doctor of Letters" from New England College in 1986 where he also gave the commencement address that year. Thaks to Steve Glazer and Frank Hall for the info.
  Here's more. . .


Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: April 04, 2015
Spitting, Stamps, Books, and Pulp Magazines about Railroads
Airdate: April 4, 1973

"Worst Night - June 30, 1975"
"Rock Collector - July 7, 1975"
Thanks to Gary from California for the dates.
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April 28, 1979
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Dayton Amateur Radio Association
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April 26, 1980
Live Shows
Dayton Amateur Radio Association
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December 9, 1966
Jean Shepherd
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