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October 7th in Shep History

1956 Article Novel Born of Radio Plug by Disk Jockey

1963 Radio Total Show Business

1965 Radio Advertising

1967 Radio Concrete Mexicans / Shep, the Colonel, and Sweetheart Pillows

1969 Radio Mets, Win Stuff

1975 Radio Gravity Defied

1976 Radio New Car Anniversary

2003 Facts "A Christmas Story" 20th Anniversary DVD released

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September 8, 2015

1971 KRAB Interview
On October 23, 1971, as part of promoting his book Wanda Hickey . . . , Jean Shepherd and Leigh Brown were Interviewed by Greg Palmer, Lorenzo W Milam and Helen Norton - KRAB radio in Seattle Washington. The interview lasted about 2 hours and can be heard at the link below.
>>> Link to KRAB webpage and interview <<<
August 9, 2015

The Story of Schwartz
Updated information
Thanks to extensive research on the part of Steve Glazer, we now know that Schwartz was not 'shot down over Italy' as Shep wrote in his book "InGod We Trust. . . "
  Read what really happened here. . .
July 8, 2015
Tom with his autographed Red Ryder
Region broadcaster, TV personality Tom Higgins dies at 82
Interviewed Shep May 15, 1995
Tom Higgins, a longtime Northwest Indiana broadcaster and newsman known for his wry sense of humor and quick wit, died Tuesday at age 82 after a three-year battle with cancer. Tom was working for WYIN Channel 56 - Gary Indiana when he interviewed Shep and presented him with a Toledo Mudhens baseball cap. Shep was in town to receive an award at Indiana University.
  The Tom Higgens Interview
>>> NWI Times Article <<<
July 4, 2015

The Return of Ludlow Kissel
by John M Whalen
It's that time of year again. Every Fourth of July I bring back this blog I wrote back in 2012, which extols the virtues of Mr. Jean Shepherd and his famous story of Ludlow Kissell and the Dago Bomb that struck back.
>>> Read John's full story <<<
February 5 2015

Admiral of the Orange Seas
Shep used to sing a Nedicks jingle from time to time and there was an actual contest held by WOR (Shep) and Nedicks. The winner was Barry Buhler - the "Bayside Baron" and was presented his award at the Nidicks near Times Square.
  More on Nedicks


Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: September 06, 2015
Labor Day Parade - Milkmen Float
Airdate: September 5, 1966

Replay Date: September 05, 2015
Labor Day Picnic
Airdate: September 1, 1975

"Worst Night - June 30, 1975"
"Rock Collector - July 7, 1975"
Thanks to Gary from California for the dates.
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Notes 10-5-2015

December 17, 1956
Live Shows
Princeton University
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December 4, 1958
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Princeton University
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January 15, 1960
Live Shows
New Brunswick
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April 21, 1960
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Princeton University
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November 25, 1960
Inside Jean Shepherd
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May 3, 1961
Live Shows
Princeton University
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November 16, 1966
Live Shows
Princeton University
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Okefenokee Swamp
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