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November 25th in Shep History

1960 Television Inside Jean Shepherd

1963 Radio Kennedy Assassination

1965 Radio Thanksgiving Day

1966 Radio Jean Shepherd

1967 Radio Boredom in the Army / USO Pass

1969 Radio Trapped in the John

1971 Radio Controls of the Universe, Alligator in Swamp, Obscene Phone Number

1972 Radio Fired at the A&P

1974 Radio Trains and Railroads

1975 Radio Mediocrity, Pet Rocks

1976 Radio Herds of Turkeys

2006 Facts Opening of the "A Christmas Story House" in Cleveland

Recent News
March 12, 2013
Shep with football and Dawn - Courtesy Bill Ek and Steve Glazer
VERY Early Shep
and first love Dawn Strickland
Steve Glazer has been doing a lot of research into who is fact and fiction in Shep's stories and in recent weeks we have added a lot of content in the people section. (See "What's New" in the bottom of the next column) He was able to make contact with Dawn Strickland's son. According to Shep on his 8-6-69 show, she lived across the street and was his 'first love'. Shep is the kid holding the football with the signiture cleft in his chin. Shep always spoke of living on Cleveland Street, but he was born in Chicago where he lived until mid Kindergarten and then lived in East Chicago, Indiana where he met Dawn. He then moved to Cleveland St in Hammond to start 2nd grade.
February 20, 2013
Matthew Callan
The Man Behind The Brilliant Media Hoax Of "I, Libertine"
By: Matthew Callan
Matthew Callan wrote an interesting article on The Awl concerming Sheps early WOR radio career and the story behind "I, Libertine" "In the 1950s, a DJ named Jean Shepherd hosted a late-night radio show on New York's WOR that was unlike any before or since. On these broadcasts, he delivered dense, cerebral monologues, sprinkled with pop-culture tidbits and vivid stretches of expert storytelling. . .
>>> Article. . . <<<
February 5, 2013

The Winter of Our Discontent
by John M. Whalen
John sums up an interesting story about the recent find of King Richard III remains with a classic Shep quote.
>>> Article. . . <<<
February 4, 2013
courtesy Don Knowlton
New Shep Blog
Jean Shepherd Quest
Jean Shepherd Author and Historian Eugene B. Bergmann has begun a blog in his 'quest for Shep'. Watch for new entries as he is inspired to open our eyes to more conversation about Shep.
>>> Shepquest website. . . <<<
February 1, 2013

Ed Koch remembered
Former Mayor Ed Koch passed away at 2A.M. There are two commercials for the re-election of Ed Koch for Congressman. On the October 28 and 29, 1974 Jean Shepherd shows.


Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: November 07, 2015
TV Set Dies; Allied Catalog
Airdate: November 6, 1967

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Notes 11-23-2015

May 2, 1961
Jack Parr Show
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June 4, 1976
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December 5, 1976
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Fairleigh Dickinson
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Gravy Boat Riot
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March 2, 1988
Business Ventures
Pholly, Inc
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May 4, 1991
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Wilmington College
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February 23, 1973
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Newark State College
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