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Uncle Carl's Still
Airdate: Monday - March 23, 1970

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Show Description
March 2nd OPC Conference will be played this Saturday "Pomp and Circumstance" First time ever played with a kazoo Mentions there is a mail strike (March 18 to 25) Made trip to India last November Vultures What would you like to come back as? Booze per Capita - 1.8 gallons Discussion of booze leads into telling story of the time they went to see Aunt Min and Uncle Carl. Uncle Carl took them down into the basement where he had a still hiddenin a closet.
Movie Promotion
Shep - Live Appearance
Shiek of Araby (3)
Engineer and other Staff in Booth
Not Determined
By: Jim Clavin
Date: -
Rating: Not Rated
Related Plots and Story Lines Used
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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