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Uncle Carl's Trip
Airdate: Saturday - June 29, 1968

WOR Show
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Show Description
Tobacco juice all over John Gambling's desk Ned Sparks movies Bracheopods and Volcanos, the Evolution of man "Before you knew it Brooklyn came into being" Can you imagine ending up in a room full of women - all of whom you have dated! The effects of summer on animals and man Shep tells the story about the annual family reunion organized by Aunt Clara by the shore of the Fox River. Uncle Carl was the hit playing the Banjo and doing his imitation of Sally Rand. Everyone goes down by the river to swim. Uncle Carl sits himself in an old inner tube floating around playing the banjo. Later they all spot Uncle Carl out in the middle of the river heading downstream, playing the Banjo, unaware he is being swept away. They all chase after him in cars. He continues down the river and over a waterfall where he is still playing the Banjo. They finally catch up to him at the great lock wher the Fox River joins the Chicago drainage canal. Uncle Carl gets annoyed because his trip is interrupted.
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - - ] Minnie ("Aunt Min") Heinrichs (1905-1963): She took Shep to see "The Student Prince"; featured in classic radio episode "Aunt Min's Surprise"; and thought Shep loved licorice (IGWT). Married to Carl Theodore ("Uncle Carl") Peterson (1904-?), who was a carpenter and painter that predeceased her. Uncle Carl ran a fireworks stand in the PBS movie "Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters." And in IGWT, Shep told Junie Jo Prewitt of the time Uncle Carl lost his false teeth down the airshaft. Aunt Min and Uncle Carl had Lyle C. (1928-?) and Norman (1936-?).


Shep says it is June 29th
Speaking of Danger - this is WOR
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: -
Rating: Not Rated
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