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Prom Night With Pearl, Algebra and Biology Class
Rerun Date: Saturday - May 28, 1966

Limelight Show
WOR Rerun

First Line After Theme Ends
Time now for the Limelight Show with old Jean Shepherd, but I'm on tape tonight. I'm off on vacation. . .
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - - ] THE TWIG Newspaper of the Students of Meredith College VOL. LIV, NO. 2 MEREDITH COLLEGE, RALEIGH, N.C. SEPTEMBER 13, 1979 **************************************************************** Jean Shepherd - Accomplished author, radio and television personality, and humorist. Shepherd to lead Convocation by Jackie Reveis The speaker for convocation on Monday, October 1st will be Mr. Jean Shepherd. Mr. Shepherd is a well-known media personality, best-selling author, four-time Playboy Humor-Satire Award winner, and accomplished writer for magazines, books, and television. He has received many awards including the prestigious Mark Twain Award in 1976. The Meredith community should take advantage of the opportunity to hear such an outstanding man.


[ Courtesy: Mark Adams - - ] The show took place at the Drew University Pub (Madison, NJ) on May 8, 1977 just a couple of months after his last WOR radio show. We were in the middle of final exams and I was finishing up my junior year. A good friend produced and recorded the show and I've been after him for 40 years to dig up the tapes. He recently moved, ran across the tapes, and FedEx'ed them to me from California just last week. As I recall, the show started late afternoon and the bar was closed... just set up as a coffeehouse. The fire laws allowed a maximum capacity of 200 people, but I think that the crowd averaged 150-175 students and faculty with students coming and going to study. It felt very similar to the Limelight show that my parents took me to see in the mid 60s. My favorite part of the show is the Q&A session at the end. The obnoxiously loud whistling was my own. ;-)


Original date on this show of 7/1/66 is wrong. LL was only on Saturday. It is a rerun from a prev LL show as Shep introduces it saying he is on Vacation. Shep was in Middle East late May 1966 to about June 5. My guess is rerun date is 5/28/66 since other shows have been accounted for for the other weeks he was away.
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'Corny' - Elga Cornell Brown
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