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Gadgets / Alibi Cassettes
Rerun Date: Monday - March 29, 1976

WOR Show

Last Update: 06-14-2009

First Line After Theme Ends
This is Warden He-Haws telling you that crime does not pay.
Show Description
Barney (show engineer) invents "Alibi Album" of fake background noises for phone contacts.Shep tells of fantasy scenarios for it. Mentions sazerac cocktail Salutes American ingenuity and "Jump For Joy" spring loaded shoes.Tells of fantasy uses for the shoes @ political conventions. Salutes "Yellow Kid" Weil, Chicago con artist. (See interesting links below)
Average to good show with interesting follow-up links to "Yellow Kid" & sazerac drink (tougher to make than French 75).
Commercials (All times approximate)
Not Determined yet
Music (All times approximate)
Engineer and Staff in Booth Summary/Rating Credit Instruments Played
By: Rich Badagliacca
Date: 06-04-2009
Rating: Not Rated
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