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Last Update: 04-18-2016
The Declassified Jean Shepherd

Jean Shepherd
Album Title: The Declassified Jean Shepherd
Publisher: Mercury
Date Released: 1971
Album / Record#: SRM-1615
A promotional 45rpm was distributed to radio stations when the album came out. From the second cut on the album: "The Emergency on the Turnpike or the Ralph Nader Blues"

1 - Unsolicited Testimonials - 6:34 2 - Superman, the Telltale Underwear, the Emergency on the Turnpike or the Ralph Nader Blues, and other mysterious Unrelated Subjects - 5:25 3 - The Three Little Piggies and Dr. Speck - 8:31 4 - Kopfspeilen, the Reader's Digest, the Preparation H Man and How To Screw the Tax People - 7:45 5 - This U.S. Army Signal Corps Classified film is rated R - 14:40
Where Shep Made Reference To This Subject

November 18,1971
Village Voice Ad for "Declassified Jean Shepherd"

Courtesy: Pete Delaney

December 04,1971
Billboard Magazine

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

"Declassified" promo record - mono

Courtesy: Don Knowlton

"Declassified" promo record - mono sleeve

Courtesy: Don Knowlton

"Declassified" promo record - stereo

Courtesy: Don Knowlton

"Declassified" Label - Side 1

"Declassified" Label - Side 2