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Last Update: 02-26-2012
August 1964


I Hear America Singing; or "Leaves of Grass" revisited, like

The nuttiness is spreading in our land. I get on this plane recently. An emergency trip - out to Chicago and back again. No time to make reservations, and it seems that when you're really in a hurry the only seat you can ever get is on the Champagne - Red Carpet Flight. The others are all booked up weeks ahead of time. And so I find myself going through this great big chute. You don't walk into airplanes anymore; they inject you into them. The airplane is mainlining people. You walk through this tube - the same air-conditioning and Muzak that is in the terminal - you never know you're on a plane. It's like a big tunnel that runs from the Time-Life Building straight to Chicago...

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This story was reprinted in "Sense of the Sixties"

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