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The Media

Robin Anderson December 30, 2007

ISBN #978-0313341670

Copyright: 2007 - Greenwood

There are many controversial aspects of today's media system, and this captivating encyclopedia examines the most significant of the topics currently being debated. Arranged alphabetically, approximately 100 entries cover background, definitions, notable programs, significant media events and their historical significance, and important future trends. Issues from sexuality to sensationalism, from surveillance to tabloid news, are covered here in an incisive and informative manner. Coverage of on-going developments and new media technologies combine with the work's timely subject matter to make this an especially relevant set. Some of the topics covered include: Al-Jazeera; anonymous sources; the blogosphere; CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and cable talk; celebrity worship; censorship; conglomeration and media monopolies; fear-mongering; google books; homogenization; independent cinema; the iTunes effect; obscenity/indecency; leaks and national security; online pornography; politics and internet journalism; privacy & surveillance; product placement; propoganda; tabloid news; videogames; and violence. Entries also include further reading sources.