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Michael Atkinson May 22, 2008
Paw Prints

ISBN #978-1435282612

Copyright: 2008 - Paw Prints

Once upon a time, going to the movies was a special occasion, and you had no control over what was playing at your neighborhood cinema. But today films are like fashion, furniture, and food: you can choose what to enjoy. Movies finally fit into our schedules. So here is the first movie guide tailored to the way we actually watch movies. Whether its Halloween, the brink of baseballs Opening Day, or a Saturday evening with no babysitter; whether youre bracing for a business trip, feeling nostalgic for the 1960s, or simply in need of a dose of optimism (or apocalypse), Flickipedia will steer you to over 1,300 films that will fit your movie-viewing appetite perfectly. Entertaining as well as informative, Flickipedia recommends many movies that you may not be familiar with, while acknowledging the tried-and-true standbys and popular classics. Every step in life provokes different emotions, and Flickipedia is here with suggestions to cover the waterfront.

May 22,2008

Courtesy: Steve Glazer