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Last Update: 04-19-2016
Hartwest Productions
Hartwest Productions was a syndicator back in the 1960's who maintained one of the most extensive programming-production departments in the syndication field. They supplied sydicated shows such as The Joe Pyne Show, the Paul Gibson Show, the Barry Gray Show, and the Jean Shepherd Show to radio staions across the country. According to the Films Around the World website Shepherd recorded a number of shows for Hartwest for syndication. About 200 hours of shows, which should be close to 300 individual shows, are currently in possession of Films Around the World. The shows were recorded without commercials, with Shep only announcing "lets break for a commercial". Some shows had an open mike before the theme and you can hear Shep talking with the engineers. Based on ads and articles in Broadcast Magazine, Hartwest was supplying shows to WHEC in Rochester, NY as early as November 9, 1964 and as late as March 15, 1965. Supposedly they were broadcast daily which means that over the 4 month period about 80 shows were aired on WHEC alone. It is not known how many other stations carried these. Also it is not know which shows were aired. Were the shows that aired part of the group of 200 hours in possession of FATW? Or were there more?

November 30,1964
Broadcasting Magazine Ad

March 15,1965
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June 27,1966
Broadcasting Magazine

March 25,1968
Broadcasting Magazine

Courtesy: Steve Glazer