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Last Update: 03-10-2013
Last Update: 03-10-2013
Jean Shepherd Speaks at UJC

Jean Shepherd, who has been, described as a radio personality, philosopher, wit, egotist, intellectual and humorist, will make his annual visit to Union Junior College today. Mr. Shepherd, whose visit will be sponsored by the Day Session Student Council, will speak at 1p.m. in the theatre of the Campus Center. This will be the fourth consecutive year that Mr. Shepherd has visited the UJC campus. Mr. Shepherd is heard Monday through Friday, from 10:15 to 11p.m. on WOR in programs of informal conversations, verbal essays and dramatic sketches. His topics range from comic books to cravats, baseball to babies, and kite flying to kissing. It was, Mr. Shepherd who coined the concept of the "Night People," maintaining they are far different from "Day People." He became interested in radio in his early teens and won his ham license at 14. He had a fling at the dramatic end of radio with a stint as Billy Fairfield on "Jack Armstrong." As a football star in high he was called upon to appear on a weekly radio program for students doing sports commentaries and making football predictions. The Chicago station manager, impressed with his work, gave him the chance to do a regular program of his own. From these beginnings he got straight acting assignments on various radio adventure series of the day. After having served for three years in the Army Signal Corps, he returned to Chicago. While attending college there, he enrolled in the distinguished Goodman Memorial Theatre. Summer stock roles and radio jobs kept him busy until he turned to radio full time after getting his BS degree in psychology in 1946. He originally started out at Indiana University to major in engineering and after his Army stint of working with a radar unit, he switched to psychology and later earned his master's degree in pshchology.

Copyright: 1956 Cranford Chronicle


Union Junior College

Courtesy: Steve Glazer