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Prince Of The Night People Brings WORd To MHS Stage

The voice of Jean Sheperd, prince of the night people, will break through the silence of the bleak darkness on March 10 when he is spotlighted on the MHS stage. Fans Organize Debut Arrangements for this special assembly program have been made by sophomore Bob Schinder and Mr. Leonard Blessing, Science Department Chairman. in conjunction with the assembly committee. Bob, a student in Mr. Blessing's biology class, wrote the initial inquiry to Jean. Sheperd. Then Mr. Blessing, a great fan of Sheperd's, wrote a series of letters to Sheperd concerning arrangements for the March program. Has Gift of Gab "His ability to talk remains one of the Seven Wonders of the World," commented New York Tribune columnist John Crosby on Jean Sheperd's talent for broadcasting on WOK radio tot forty-five minutes every weekday night. Sheperd has also written books (The Walking Butterfly), film plays (Summer Incident), compiled anthologies (The America of George Ade), acted in several off-Broadway and Broadway productions (New Faces of 1962). appeared in musicals and revues, lectured at Yale, CCNY, and Princeton, and has partially learned to play the guitar. He currently has a reg. ular column and commentary in The Realist whose editor describes Sheperd as "One of the most influential satirists in America." Jean Sheperd, who sees much of the dramatic side of life that is missed by others, is the champion of the little guy. "Have you ever had the fantastic suspicion that Robert Moses has a script?" quips Shepherd. "That when he stepped out of the egg they handed him that script and said: 'Go, man'. And when you got out of the egg all they handed you was the IRT timetable. And it's underground all the way, man."

Copyright: 1965 Millburn High School


November 23,1965
The Miller

Courtesy: Gil Wolin