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Left- and Right-Handedness
Airdate: Tuesday - August 24, 1965

WOR Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
They would stop their rediculous absurdity. . .
Show Description
WOR recognizes Americans and the Arts and a major art form - Whining Whining is different from complaining, slang words. H.L. Menkin and George Ade wrote about slang. Slang words describe situations and feelings for which there is no classical word. "A person who does not understand the slang of his time is a person who has lost contact with is time." Words drop out of our vocabulary as well as new ones being introduced. Left handers are nutty - gives examples in baseball, musicians, and opera. He read a piece in the NY Post while riding in the back of a cab, about a study which determined that left handers are neurotic. He read it to the driver who was not impressed - being a left hander himself. When Shep was was a left hander and when he was in the first grade his teacher, Miss Meno, forced him to write right handed. By the end of the first week, he was getting nose bleeds from having to learn to be right handed, and by the time he was in second grade he was a right hander. He continued to be an ambidextrous batter through life.
Makes references to the time he did commentary for a major U.S. opera company on the radio. After closing theme - Palisades Park commercial featuring Frankie Michaels singing the Little Miss America theme.
my mind is full of junk - which reminds me - this is WOR in New York
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Ballantine Beer Mel Brooks, Dick Cavett
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First Film Music
Engineer and Staff in Booth
Don McClain
Summary/Rating Credit
By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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