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Dracula, Vampire Country
Rerun Date: Friday - March 25, 1977

WOR Show

First Line After Theme Ends
Listen, I'm still kind of nervous because of what happened the other night. . . 
Show Description
Special confession night Still nervous about what happened the other night. Turned on TV in motel and there was Count Dracula. Gives education about bats - the big ones in the vampire movies are actually fruit bats. A real vampire bat is the size of a mouse. How vampire bats kill their prey. Reads article by Osgood Caruthers - "Dracula was Real" Driving between Innsbruck and Munich through the Black Forest. He stops to eat in the middle of the trip. He describes eating strange food in a strange restaurant. Continuing the drive he suddenly see these two eyes. It was the biggest, most evil, most sinister looking Red Stag with immense antlers. He followed him for a half mile and suddenly he disappeared.
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By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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