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Time Capsule
Rerun Date: Thursday - March 24, 1977

WOR Show

(Syndicated Release)
(Original WOR Airdate Unknown)

First Line After Theme Ends
Oh yes, of course, times they are that way. . . 
Show Description
The Bi-centennial is over - how many of you blew it! It's the only one you'll experience and you had a whole year to experience it and you blew it! Shep describes the contents of "a people's time capsule" The ultimate container wold be the super size Hefty trash bag because it will last forever. He goes on to list the contents and why they would qualify to be included: 1 - Quart can of 30 weight Citgo motor oil 2 - 7-up Can 3 - 2 pound can of A&P coffee 4 - 34 inch New Jersey Pizza - petrified to last 5 - Collection of TV commercials 6 - Film of a President making a speech or Mayor laying a corner stone 7 - 5 losing tickets for horse races 8 - Collection of 1976 obscene valentines 9 - 1967 convention of nurseryman and gardeners button from the Steel Pier in Atlantic City 10 - Japanese All-weather radio - that doesn't work 11 - 1976 illustrated program for a gay art pornography convention in San Francisco
Shep tells everyone in the booth to pay attention -"Come on, get with the show here you two - come on gang! Have to interrupt you now, there aren't many more left, and you might as well enjoy them" This was one of the last shows he did on WOR. They ended 4-1-77.
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Engineer and other Staff in Booth
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: -
Rating: Not Rated
Airdate History - Original WOR Airdate Unknown
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