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Pilfered Crosswords
Airdate: Tuesday - July 25, 1972

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Show Description
"America" Love It or Leave It - fluorescent bumper lights Is madness the true sanity or is sanity the true madness? Increased awareness of mortality at the dentist's office - listening to screams of the doomed and the damned while in the waiting room. Growing crowd of crossword puzzle highjackers noted. Paging through the Sunday New York Times - ads for summer camps with moralistic premise (i.e. camps for weight loss, psychiatric adjustment, work ethic). Excitement of finding a blank crossword puzzle - " sense of a new start, like the myth of New Year's". Discovery of pilfered puzzle in Sunday Times - unsuccessful attempt to replace the newspaper from dealer, and discussion of the highjacked puzzles being taken over state lines in trucks. Scientist's discovery of 95% of the solar system missing - "must be something out there eating it up". Oath of Allegiance for NJ Teachers - until a few months ago the oath had ended with "so help me God*" (* optional) God had been optional in the state of New Jersey and had an asterisk next to his name "just like Roger Maris" Naming of Man's Ages (Age of Exploration, Age of Reason, Renaissance) and examples of "men who failed their Age" What will our Age be named?
"Energetic and interesting throughout" LT
ACTION - Washington DC
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Engineer and other Staff in Booth
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By: Lowell Thelin
Date: -
Rating: 4
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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