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Production Companies
Used for syndication as well as TV and movie projects

International Jawbreaker

Formed by Jean Shepherd, Leigh Brown, Laurie and Herb Squire.

They distributed a syndicated version of "The Jean Shepherd Show" from April 76 through about April 1, 77.
Leigh Brown was Shep's producer and later became his wife.
Herb Squire was an engineer for WOR and was Shep's engineer from the late 60's to 1977 when Shep left WOR.
Herb's wife Laurie was Shep's producer for a couple of years, initially just the syndication duties,
and then she produced the WOR show until its conclusion in 1977.

These were 30 minute formats of earlier 45 minute WOR shows.
The commercials were removed and some of Shep's dialog to make the 30 minute package.

According to the contract stations would receive 2 30 minute tapes per week at $8.00 / week for the first 13 weeks and $10.00 / week thereafter. Lost tapes would have to be paid for by the stations at a rate of $3.50 per tape and $9.50 per mailing container.

Staggerwing Productions

Seems to be for all his live appearances - is this right? Any idea when it started, etc.? Was it just for such things as Carnegie Hall, Town Hall?

On the 3/72 "Creepy Stories" show, Shep does an ad for an upcoming live show at the Carlton Theatre in Red Bank, NJ on 4/7/72. It was done with a big fanfare and Shep mentions that it is being presented by Staggerwing Productions.

Staggerwing, on the other hand, is also a bi-plane made by Beechcraft.
With Shep's love of flying this may have been the inspiration for the name.

According to inside back flap of Leigh's book she was co-owner.
Pholly Productions

Seems to relate to his movies / tv movies ? (all of them?)
Ref - 2/20/2003 emails gene/jim

Can't figure out the origins of the name Pholly though.

Snow Pond Productions

'A Christmas Story' sequel was planned under this name
along with Bob Clarks company Brandy Wine Productions. (Snow Pond was where Shep had his cabin in Maine)

source: Variety Article of December 5, 1984

Christmas Tree Films

A Christmas Story