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Last Update: 02-15-2013

Carl A. Spencer

aka: Mr Spencer

Principal - Morton

Principal at Morton School
Fan Comments
[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - 02-15-2013 ]
Carl A. Spencer -- born around the turn of the last century -- was a native of Dodgeville (Iowa County), Wisconsin. Having received his undergraduate degree and a M.Ph. From the University of Wisconsin, Mr. Spencer became the well-liked principal of Morton Junior High School in about 1930. On June 25, 1939, he married the school's social studies teacher, Miss Clyde Jacobs. Just before Christmas 1942, Mr. Spencer became seriously ill with pneumonia, and was hospitalized for several months. By April 1943, Mr. Spencer had moved to Arizona, where he died on February 19, 1949.
Additional Comments:
[April 18, 1961 show] Mr Spencer was principal at the school and tasks Miss Bundy to operate the projector to show a safety movie. When the movie is over and the lights go back on there is a 6 foot pile of film on the floor behind the projector. She was Miss Robinettes understudy.

October 05,1933
Hammond Times article

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

June 25,1939

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

September 24,1940
75th Anniv Hessville committee

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

April 12,1943
Hammond Times article about illness

Courtesy: Steve Glazer