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Last Update: 01-08-2013

Roswell T Edwards

aka: Roswell T Edwards


Army - "always early" according to shep
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[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - 01-08-2013 ]
Born in Rhode Island on June 21, 1923, young Edwards grew up in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Edwards was a bright student at Saint Bernard's, a private school, earning high marks and serving on the school's debate team. He also participated in various patriotic organizations, as did his father. His father was a newspaper foreman and WWI veteran who served in Pershing's American Expeditionary Force. Edwards enlisted in the Army in Boston on June 26, 1942 -- giving his civilian occupation as "actor" -- after having completed one year of college. In April 1943, Edwards was enrolled in a specialized course at the U.S. Army Signal Corps school at Camp Murphy, Florida, where he almost certainly came in contact with Shep, giving rise to the later Army stories about "Roswell T. Edwards." By October 1943, Edwards was transferred to the Army Specialized Training Program at the University of Maryland, College Park. In September 1945, just weeks after the Japanese surrender, Edwards was with the occupation forces in Tokyo, after serving in the Philippines earlier that year. After the war, Edwards attended Middlebury College, where he was again a member of the debate team and was a fraternity brother of Alpha Sigma Phi. He majored in Russian, and graduated in 1949, declaring an interest in publishing in Manhattan. Not long after, he made his way to New York City, but became an insurance agent. As of the 1990s, Edwards was living in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Fan Comments
[ Courtesy: Ryan Priest - 01-08-2013 ]
I did a little Googling for an upcoming show and came across Roswell T. Edward's obituary. It appears he died in 2022 at the age of 98.
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