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Last Update: 09-02-2015

Charles Michael Musson

aka: Uncle Charles

Shep's Uncle

Aunt Clara's husband
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[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - 09-02-2015 ]
Clara M. ("Aunt Clara") Heinrichs (1902-1987): She gave Shep the pink bunny suit in "A Christmas Story." Married to Charles Michael ("Uncle Charles") Musson (1904-1937), who worked in a dye house. Shep wrote in IGWT, when telling of Ralphie's visit to Toyland at Goldblatt's, that "Santa smoked Camels, like my Uncle Charles." Aunt Clara and Uncle Charles had Merle C. (m. Pearson) (1924-2013), Charles August (1927-1990) and Patricia A. (m. Charles Schmidt) (1935-2015).
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