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Herb Squires

aka: Herb Squires

WOR Engineer, Friend, Business Partner

Herb was an engineer at WOR from 1966 to 1980 and worked many times as Shep's engineer. The only Limelight show he engineered was on December 30, 1967, Shep's last Limelight show. He was also responsible for the WOR tribute to Shep on October 27, 1999. Some of the things he told us about was the WOR transmitter site Shep worked from in the fifties, his being fired, and how he worked with NO script. According to Herb, Shep only showed up with a letter or two, and a couple of articles from time to time. Everything else came straight from his head. "International Jawbreakers" was formed by Jean Shepherd, Leigh Brown, Laurie and Herb Squire. They distributed a syndicated version of "The Jean Shepherd Show" from April 76 through about April 1, 77. Leigh Brown was Shep's producer and later became his wife. Herb was also a recording artist, having recorded "Losers" which Shep played on his show of September 25, 1969.