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Last Update: 05-11-2016
Jean Shepherd and Other Foibles

Jean Shepherd
Album Title: Jean Shepherd and Other Foibles
Publisher: Electra
Date Released: 1959
Album / Record#: EKL-172-A
Find the hidden message on the back of the album: "Jean Shepherd is a dirty rotten, one-way sneaky son of a bitch" Re-released by Collector's Choice January 2003 on CD

1 - Peter Pain 2 - JUdson-6 3 - The Fun Funeral 4 - For Men Only 5 - Fellow Americans 6 - Controversial / Non-controversial 7 - Monkey On My Back 8 - Better Living 9 - Balls 10 - Credit Cards 11 - The Human Comedy
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• Collector's Choice CD Release

Peter Pain Ad

Courtesy: Bob Clark

June 17,1959
Publicity Photo for "Jean Shepherd and Other Foibles" album

June 24,1959
Village Voice Ad

June 27,1959
Eureka Humboldt Standard

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

June 28,1959
Kingsport News

July 06,1959

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

August 23,1959
The Bridgeport Post

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

September 27,1959
9-27-1959 Florence Morning News