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Last Update: 09-30-2016
The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters
March 16, 1982
This is the second movie Shep made for PBS Funded by: Corporation for Public Broadcasting (The Program Fund) Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) Jean Shepherd as the Narrator "Ballad of Ludlow Kissel" Sung by Leigh Brown Shep's dog Daphne appears in the movie This movie was comprised of many of the stories which first appeared in Playboy Magazine and were told in various forms over the years on the radio. In the movie, during the 'blind date' scene, Shep and his blind date Pamela, Schwartz and his date Clara Mae, are watching the movie "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing". Clara Mae says to Schwartz "This is so romantic. It's just like us." In the movie William Holden and Jennifer Jones fall in love and Holden goes off to war and never returns. In real life Schwartz goes off to war and never returns. The music at the end of the movie is "Blue Hawaii" as sung by Bing Crosby. The opening sequence had Shep at Pedro's South of the Boarder going through the fireworks.
Story Lines: Sears Radio Scragging Sack races at the picnic

Production Information:
Studio / Network:
Director: Richard Bartlett
Asst Director:
Producer: Olivia Tappan
Executive Producer: Fred Barzyk
Running Time: 95 Minutes

Matt Dillon (Ralph Parker)

James Broderick (The Old Man)

Barbara Bolton (Mom)

Jay Ine (Randy)

Jeffery Yonis (Schwartz)

Babe Sargent (Ludlow Kissel)

William Lampley (Flick)

Mike Moore (Wilbur Duckworth)

William R Riker (Uncle Carl)

Lisa Jacobsen (Pamela)

Andrea McCullough (Clara Mae)

Frank Dolan (Mr. Dirks)

Harriet Wilson (Mrs. Kissel)

Will Sahlein (Zudoc)

Brian Smiar (Gus)

John Blood (John)

Arnie Cox (Ace)

Christopher Childs (Mailman)

Paul McMaster (Hot Dog Man)

Dana Hardwick (Ledbetter)

Ruth Edinberg (Mother at Picnic

(Wanda Hickey)

Jean Shepherd

The Bluebird Tavern

The Sears Radio

Ralph in the band

Randy on his bike

Wilbur showing off


Washrag Pyramid

Slow news day

Potato sack race

Lud tries lighting a match

A 'punk' lends a hand

Oops! Again

Mrs. Kissel unaware

Poor Mrs. Kissle!

The Old Man shows off...

...sets himself on fire...

...and the school!