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July 1960


Where Do You Enlist?

How the hell does a guy grow up to be a Believer? I mean to really believe, not just make the proper sounds and motions. AII around me there are these guys who sincerely dig Ike, or Adlai, or Tennessee Williams, or Mickey Mantle, or Mammoth Cave, guys who seem to have something that makes it for them all the way, with no strings. No ifs or buts or howevers. Some guys and chicks believe in their own talent. But completely - whether they have it or not. And in our showbiz world that belief is enough to convince the other clowns (who are also believers) that they actually are talented. The thi11g is to believe. A sort of blind faith that brooks no questioning. How do you start believing? Where do you enlist!' . . .

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