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Shep was always writing. . .

August 1972



CAGNEY: "Look, kid, only a few ever win Y'got that? The rest are just out there on the track. And a lot of them guys are good drivers and got good cars. But they don't win, see?" THE KID: "But why is that? How come they don't win?" CAGNEY: "Mostly luck, kid. Some got it; most ain't." THE KID: "I don't care! I still want to be a driver!" CAGNEY: "Look; kid, it's a rotten dirty business. The crowd's out there doin' one thing; watchin' for wrecks and roarin' for blood. I tell you, it's a rotten business, and the only time they notice most of us is when we get spread all over the track, 'cause that's what they come for." THE KID: {his voice rising hysterically) " I DON'T CARE! l'M GONNA DRIVE!" CAGNEY: "Okay, kid. Have it your way. But don't expect no help from me." Jimmy Cagney, the hard-bitten laconic ace race driver, took a quick suck at his flask, spat venomously into the grease pit and strode out into the night, trailed by his trusty faithful mechanic. . .

Copyright: 1972 Car and Driver