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April 1972


The Morgan Syndrome

Long ago I gave up trying to explain just why the hell I hang on to my Morgan +4 Drophead. As in the case of all eccentricities, owning a Morgan cannot be rationalized by conventional means of applied logic. Our lives are full of the secret knowledge that there's a hell of a lot more that cannot be explained than the few trivialities of existence that can. The classical concept of a kid, any kid, lying flat on his back gazing up at the unplumbed heavens, peering at the countless galaxies, asking the eternal question "What's it all .about?" says it all. Unfortunately, or maybe inevitably, as we' grow older we cease to ask that question, knowing damn well it will never be answered. For that reason and others beyond the scope of this lecture, I no longer attempt to rationalize owning a Morgan. . .

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