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October 1965


Leopold Doppler And The Orpheum Gravy Boat Riot
climaxing a gala week of star-studded attractions - bank night, screeno night, amateur night and singalong night - dish night in hammond was a state occasion, and the milling mob was suitably solemn

FIVE THOUSAND years from now, when future archaeologists are picking and scraping among the shards and midden heaps, attempting to piece together the mosaic of the rich, full life led by 20th Century man, they will come across many a mystery that is impenetrable even to those who lived through it. A cracked fragment of a Little Orphan Annie Ovaltine Shake-Up Mug, a Shirley Temple Cream Pitcher, a heavily corroded Tom Mix Lucky Horseshoe Ring, an incomplete set of Gilbert Roland - Pola Negri simulated sterling-silver teaspoons with embossed autographs -all these and more will undoubtedly be key items in a file marked: Inexplicable religious artifacts found in great numbers.; no known relation to the philosophical currents of the time. But we know butter, don't we?

Additional Comments:
This story was reprinted in the book "In God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash" and was used in the movie "Phantom of the Open Hearth"

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