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February 1965


INTERVIEW: The Beatles

Playboy: OK, we're on. Why don't we begin by... John: Doing "Hamlet". (laughter) Ringo: Yeah, yeah, let's do that. Playboy: That sounds like fun, but just for fun, why don't we do an *interview* instead? George: Say, that's a fine idea. I wish I'd thought of that. Paul: What shall we ask you for your first question? Ringo: About those Bunny girls ... Playboy: No comment. Let's start over. Ringo, you're the last Beatle to join the group, aren't you? Ringo: Yes. Playboy: How long were you guys together as a team before Ringo joined up? John: A few years probably, sort of off and on, really, for three years or so. Paul: yeah, but really amateur. George: The local pub, you know. And in each other's uncle's houses. John: And at George's brother's wedding. Things like that. Ringo used to fill in sometimes if our drummer was ill. With his periodic illness. Ringo: He took little pills to make him ill. More...

Copyright: 1965 Playboy Magazine

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February 1965
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February 1965
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