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June 1964


Hairy Gertz And The 47 Crappies
one of life's yeastier experiences is to fish in that rich mulligatawny stew of dead toads, garter snakes and number-ten oil known as cedar lake

LIFE, WHEN YOU'RE a male kid, is what the grownups are doing. The adult world seems to be some kind of secret society that has its own passwords, handclasps and countersigns. The thing is to get in. But there's this invisible, impenetrable wall between you and all the great, unimaginably swinging things that they seem to he involved in. Occasionally, mutterings of exotic secrets and incredible pleasures filter through. And so you bang against it, throw rocks at it, try to climb over it, burrow under it; but there it is. Impenetrable. Enigmatic...

Copyright: 1964 Playboy Magazine

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