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Last Update: 03-24-2012

Phantom Of The Open Hearth

TV Pilot - written by Jean Shepherd


This is a never released pilot which was shot for ABC but woundup on the shelf. Director of Photography: Ozzie Smith Art Director: Jim Hulsey Film Editor: Dick Bartlett Production Associate: Leigh Brown Running Time: 60 Min Written and narrated by Jean Shepherd Storylines: The Blind Date "Friendly Fred" the used car dealer Baseball for the United Brethren By Jay Sharbutt The Associated Press October 1978 "Jean Shepherd-once told of a kid who got his first job in a steel mill and learned to dream the American dream -- of the beautiful future, the glorious past, and the crummy now." That was in "Phantom of the Open Hearth," the wryly funny PBS television drama he wrote and narrated. Aired in 1976, it hailed blue-collar life in "the great inverted bowl of darkness" -- the Midwest. Now the Chicago-born maestro of Americana is at it again with a new version of "Phantom" he's making at 20th Century-Fox Television as a movie for ABC. It could become a weekly series." Thanks to John Shepherd (No Relation)
The only people from the original PBS production are Barbara Bolton as "Mom", William Lampley as "Flick" and Leigh Brown who switched roles from "Lovely Arlita" to "Mrs. Kissel" Jean Shepherd - Ralph John Shepherd (No relation) - Young Ralph Richard Venture - The Old Man Barbara Bolton - Mom Damon Raskin - Randy Mike Hammett - Schwartz William Lampley - Flick Jerome Guardino - Friendly Fred Warren Munson - Junie Jo's Father David Byrd - Mr. Dirks Joe Medalis - Zudoc Milt Kogan - Gertz Nancy Bell - Junie Jo Michael Barbera - Boring Date Leigh Brown - Mrs Kissel Jon Terry - Uncle Carl Bill Sorrells - Mill Worker Edwin Owens - John Melissa Sherman - Clara Mae Mattingly

Production Information:
Studio / Network: Twentieth Century Fox Television
Director: John Rich
Asst Director:
Producer: John Rich
Executive Producer:
Running Time: 60 Min
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