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Last Update: 07-10-2015
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World's Best Hobby

Dave Bell June 2, 2014

ISBN #978-1496914033

Copyright: 2014 - AuthorHouse

World's Best Hobby is an unusual title for a memoir, which is exactly what this book is. It's my life in the fascinating hobby of Amateur Radio. Much of my professional life is spent producing documentary and reality programs for television (including more than a few about Ham Radio) where I learned that the purpose of a title is to attract an audience and if it was also true, all the better. The challenge with documentary films is to make them entertaining first and foremost, and informational if possible. I've tried very hard to make this book entertaining, and from feedback I've gotten (from Hams and wannabee Hams who found it posted online as I was writing it) I've succeeded, at least to some extent. I tried to make the book fun because Ham Radio is fun. And Ham Radio has more facets than a cheap diamond, as you'll discover as you dig into World's Best Hobby. Enjoy! PS. Let me know what you think of World's Best Hobby - especially if you like it. 73, Dave Bell, W6AQ

June 02,2014

Courtesy: Steve Glazer