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Slow Sculpture: Volume XII:

The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon

Theodore Sturgeon October 20, 2009
North Atlantic Books

ISBN #978-1556438349

Copyright: 2009 -

Theodore Sturgeon was a model for his friend Kurt Vonneguts legendary character Kilgore Trout, and his work was an acknowledged influence on important younger writers from Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg to Stephen King and Octavia Butler. His work has long been deeply appreciated for its sardonic sensibility, dazzling wordplay, conceptual brilliance, memorable characters, and unsparing treatment of social issues such as sex, war, and marginalized members of society. Sturgeon also authored several episodes of the original Star Trek TV series and originated the Vulcan phrase "Live long and prosper."

October 20,2009

Courtesy: Steve Glazer