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The Myth of the Great Ending:

Why We've Been Longing for the End of Days Since the Beginning of Time

Joseph M Felser March 1, 2011
Hampton Roads

ISBN #978-1571746450

Copyright: 2011 - Hampton Roads

From Christian believers in the Apocalypse and the Rapture, to New Age enthusiasts of prophecies concerning the year 2012, Doomsday lore has been a part of culture, a myth that colors how we perceive the world. Why do we remain obsessed with Doomsday myths even when they fail to materialize? What if we haven't recognized the true message of these myths? Blending history, psychology, metaphysics, and story, philosopher and author Joseph Felser explores the spiritual questions raised by these enduring myths.

March 01,2011

Courtesy: Steve Glazer