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D.B.: A Novel

Elwood Reid July 13, 2004

ISBN #978-0385497381

Copyright: 2004 - Doubleday

A stunning fictional imagining of legendary American folk hero D. B. Cooper's daring hijacking and its aftermath, by one of the toughest, most distinctive voices in American fiction. On the day before Thanksgiving 1971, just as a Seattle-bound 727 from Portland, Oregon, was taking off, a man calling himself D. B. Cooper handed a note to a flight attendant that said: "I have a bomb in my briefcase." Touching down in Washington State, where airline officials and FBI agents met his demands - $200,000 and several parachutes - the passengers were released, and Cooper ordered the pilot to chart a course for Mexico City. But somewhere over the dense Pacific Northwest woods, Cooper jumped. No trace of him was ever found.

July 13,2004

Courtesy: Steve Glazer