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Memoir of an Independent Woman:

An Unconventional Life Well Lived

Tania Grossinger June 1, 2013
Skyhorse Publishing

ISBN #978-1620876152

Copyright: 2013

Tanyia Grossinger reminisces about her life at a legendary Catskills resort.She looks back to her unusual early years in Hollywood where her mother, widowed since Tania was two, sent her to boarding school when she was six years old, and where she stayed until her father's cousin brought mother and daughter to Grossinger's, so that, as he put it, "Tania will have a family." Landing in the heart of a famous Jewish enclave was quite a jolt for a girl who didnt even know she was Jewish. But Tania wanted a career more than a family of her own, and she has had one as a successful publicist and PR executive for Playboy. Grossinger tells tales of many of the famous people she got to know and her decision not to have a child because she feared "passing on. . . the detritus of my emotional past." Yet she addresses this memoir, which is centered on her own emotionally elusive mother, to an imaginary daughter, Natasha, "the child who might have shared some degree of happiness with me."

June 01,2013
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Courtesy: Steve Glazer