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Last Update: 05-17-2012
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Backing Into Forward:

A Memoir

Jules Feiffer March 16, 2010
Nan A. Talese

ISBN #978-0385531580

Copyright: 2010 Nan A. Talese

Jules Feiffer opens a chapter on Herb Gardner explaining how he was introduced to Gardner by listening to Shepherd doing one of his rare radio interviews with Herb. Jules Feiffer was a cartoonist for the Village Voice at the same time Shepherd wrote his V.V. columns, and Herb wrote the movie "A Thousand Clowns" which Shep always felt was modeled after him.
"Jean Shepherd had a late-night radio show on WOR-AM that ran, if I remember correctly, from midnight to 5:00 a.m., during which time he talked and he talked and he talked and he talked. And once in a long while he played a record, and then he went back to talking..."

March 16,2010
Backing Into Forward - Title Page

Courtesy: Gene Bergmann