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Minor League Baseball, Amusement Park Rides, Leave at the Boardwalk.
Airdate: Saturday - August 26, 1967

Limelight Show
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You know, right outside of Trenton. . . .
Show Description
Going back to school meant putting on clean underwear! While playing in Class D mior league baseball Shep was struggling with his average. After striking out on a pitch down the middle with a man on second in a tie game, the manager yells out of the dugout "You know what your problem is? Tight underwear!" He tells Shep to buy 3 pair of underwear 4 sizes too big. In the following month Shep's average gained 43 points. At age 13 Shep, Casmir, Esther Jane, and Helen Weathers all go to the amusement park and ride the 'bob', the giant roller coaster. Shep describes how stuff was pulled out of him by centrifugal force, hanging there in midair. It was squirting out of his ears. One old hamburger got caught in his ear. They took 4 rides and after it was all done Casmir had trouble speaking and Shep had forgotten how to spell. As Corporal T-5 and stationed in Ft Monmouth, Shep and Gasser stand inspection before a weekend pass. Shep decribes having a footlocker with everything glued in place just for inspections. Sgt Kowolski and Lt Cherry make their rounds and after passing inspection and having Lt Cherry comment on how well Shep and Gasser looked, the last thing they see as Kowalski leaves the tent is his hand, flipping a well known salute. They get their pass and go to Asbury park where they begin following these two girls. Shep and Gasser follow them into a seafood restaurant and the boys eat two rounds of Cherrystone Clams and Lobster followed by dessert and a brandy. It was the first time Shep ate clams. "If you listen carefully to a bowl of clams you can hear them moaning". Next they follow the girls to an amusement park and manage to get onto the same ride with them. (Dive Bomber) They sit opposite the girls and after the ride starts, Gasser turns green, and they both loose their lunch. As the clams come out, 'yelling yay!' Shep yells across to the girls - "Duck!" Everything he ever ate including pablum came out. Finally they had finished when suddenly one of the girls yells "Duck!". As the ride comes to a halt, the attendant looks in at them and says "Looks like your having fun in there, this one's on me!" and around they go again.
The "Tight Underwear" story was first told on his 5-2-59 WOR show and again on the 5-9-66 show. Shep says he was in the 3162nd Signal Airborne Mess Kit Repair Battalion and he and Gasser were in the Handle platoon.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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