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Bric-a-brac Night
Airdate: Monday - July 4, 1966

San Francisco

(Syndicated Release)

Last Update: 02-25-2021

First Line After Theme Ends
All right that's enough of that, we've had enough of this jazz here. . .
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Show Notes - Things Shep Referred to, Dating Related, or Just Plain Interesting
This show was recorded for later broadcast on KFRC. Right after the theme he mumbles "this is Thursday"
Show is ~44:06 - I thought KFRC shows were longer. Right after the theme Shep is mumbling aloud and mentions "this is Thursday" - July 4 was Tuesday. At about 14:28 Shep gives the station ID - "Speaking of worms, this is WOR AM and FM in New York" He has a rather confusing conversation with Leigh about appearing this week somewhere, but does not commit to either the Village Rally or New Hope Rally both of which he mentions and does appear at later in the month - 7/31 (Village Rally) and August 13/14 (New Hope) Trying to find a Thursday show close in relation to these dates, we have no WOR show for 7/14/66. Was this positively ID'd as a KFRC show?
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